Brenda Mortier

Corporate Marketing and Communications Director bij Ahlers

Domeinen: Logistiek

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Marketing & Communications Management - experienced in leading teams of marketing professionals, offering a valuable blend of leadership, resourcefulness and business management skills that combine efficiency with creativity to produce highly effective bottom-line results

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Solutions Beyond Logistics

Founded in the port of Antwerp in 1909, Ahlers has been helping clients with one common goal; finding the best solutions that fit our customers’ profile perfectly.  “We enable our customers to stay focused on their core business by creating and managing innovative solutions which add value and solve their supply chain challenges in complex environments.”

Ahlers provides state-of-the-art logistics support in sustainable supply chain management, project
s and machinery, secured transportation of theft sensitive goods, trade facilitation/after-sales services, and data analytics services.

We make this happen by delivering consistency through excellent client experiences, together with a dedicated team, understanding your local and global needs, using every opportunity to improve and innovate and based on our expertise in addressing complex markets (CIS, Asia).


We shape the world to fit your profile. “Solutions beyond logistics”  
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